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2nd AFI 360° Conference Track on Future Internet (FI) Infrastructures and Enablers

May 23–25, 2017 | Toluca, Mexico




An Intelligent VRP Model Involving Dynamic Vehicular Density

G. Arroyo-Figueroa, INEEL

Alberto Ochoa, UACJ

Yasmin Hernandez Perez, INEEL

Peter Oropeza, UPERMOR


Similar Users Research Using Social Media Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

Jacqueline Ramos Landeros

Ma. De Lourdes Yolanda Margain Fuentes, Iniversidad Politécnica de Aguascalientes

Carlos Alberto Ochoa


Intelligent Tutoring System for Partial Discharges with Virtual Reality

Diego Gustavo Hurtado Olivares

Carlos Alberto Ochoa Zzezzatti

Maria Yasmin Hernández Pérez